Resource Center For Research On Parenting

SIUC School of Social Work

Dr. Laura Dreuth Zeman

Director and Professor


Center Director: Laura Dreuth Zeman

Laura Dreuth Zeman is a Professor of Social Work and Women Studies at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. As an undergraduate she studied family sociology and women studies at Indiana University. She earned a masters degree from Jane Addams College of Social Work at the University of Illinois at Chicago and a doctorate which concentrated on policy development and program evaluation in education and human services from the Peabody College of Education at Vanderbilt University. She is a clinical social worker specializing in mental illness, addiction, and family care. Her understanding of families and trauma was developed through years of extensive research and enhanced by her experiences working as a therapist in psychiatric hospitals and in private practice. She established the Resource Center for Research on Parenting in 2005. The Center seeks to advance the understanding of the experiences and needs of parents as they manage the delicate balance between raising children and interacting with social support systems, such as schools, child protective services, and health and mental health care providers. Laura is also a parent to four adult children, experienced a bounty of challenges, and rewards, which shape her commitment to bring parents’ voices to the forefront of policy and service decisions.

Director of School Policy: Judy Doktor

Judy Doktor has been actively engaged both professionally and personally as a parent advocate, and trainer for over 30 years. Through her career as a teacher, school administrator, and a director she has pioneered programs for special learners that enhance their learning opportunities and focus on inclusion. She has served as a fair hearing officer, an evaluation specialist for family resource center programs in Hawaii, Florida, Kentucky and Indiana. She has served as an expert witness in numerous Special Education meetings and mediations as a strident advocate. Her Masters degree in public administration from the University of Hawaii combined with her PhD. in Educational Policy from Vanderbilt University affords her the ability to understand the complex social systems that families with children must navigate. Judy is currently busy writing implementation grants for charter schools, with particular emphasis on programs for children with exceptional needs. Her teaching and scholarship examines ways to enhance inclusion and participation among students and their parents as well as enhancing opportunities to improve training for teachers of special learners in professional development schools and in university-based teacher training programs.

Research Specialist: Jayme Swanke

Jayme Swanke is a doctoral candidate in the Rehabilitation Institute at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. Jayme completed her undergraduate and graduate studies in Social Work at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. Throughout her doctoral studies, Jayme has co-authored several articles and has presented nationally and internationally on scholarly topics ranging from policy analysis, care management, technology enhanced teaching, teaching method evaluation, and parenting persons with disabilities. Jayme has also taught within the undergraduate and graduate programs in the School of Social Work and the Rehabilitation Institute in case management, human behavior, practice and research and statistics. Currently, Jayme is preparing to defend her dissertation in October 2009, which is an analysis of employment patterns among persons who report methamphetamine use. Jayme is also an adjunct faculty member in the Drug and Alcohol Counselor Training Program at Illinois Central College in East Peoria, IL. A Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Jayme has specialized her clinical practice in the community-based treatment of persons with methamphetamine abuse and dependence disorders.

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